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Progressive Symphonic Metal — Guatemala — 138 fans
Cygnus is founded by Paolo Rozzotto, with the idea of a extended musical concept, which defines Cygnus as a band of diverse genres, such as progressive, symphonic metal, trash, neoclassical, classical, etc.
The ensemble of tonal and atonal composition, under the rules of maximalism(created by Paolo Rozzotto), gives to the sound of the band a really unique style, with a lot of mix emotions.

Under Maximalism's rules, Rozzotto composed the second album called "The Red Twilight of Glorious Flames". This album is a fussion of Symphonic and progressive metal. Cygnus influences are clearly from the baroque, classical composers as we can appreciate on the different music pieces, we can listen also on some composition the presence of the mystical chord of Skryabin that gives to us a very floating atmosphere.

Cygnus members (2010) are:
-Paolo Rozzotto/ Guitar/ Vocal and composer
-Rafael Castillo/ Guitar
-Gustavo Flores/ Drums
-Paula Diaz/ Soprano Singer
-Alejandro Cruz/ Bass

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