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------------Atrophy's Biography------------

After Mutilation's fall...born the transition of the True Oldschool Death Metal to Brutalcore...

...born from the rejection to the system, from the search of the identity of the Guatemalan and of the dissatisfaction to the taboos of the society, as degenerative cancer of the minds of the Guatemalan, and for all the people oppressed to shut up their mouth, for people that the death is the only way out.

Atrophy is a band that far from looking for a satanic or ridiculous sense with the only one purpose of calling the attention of the masses, seeks to send a message, to set us free from these mental and social Atrophy in which we live...

to all the oppressors...ATROPHY WANTS YOU DEAD!!!


------------MutilatioN's Biography------------

Mutilation was formed on September 26 of 2004.

In October 21 of 2005 the first international concert in the short career of Mutilation, the tour TROOPS OF CHAOS TOUR 2005 of the Mexican band ..DROWNED IN Blood...

After some delays, Mutilation's demo "MUTILATION OF THE SOUL" containing two of the best songs, Mutilation Of The Soul and Flames.

February 19 of 2006 have their second opportunity to demonstrate how powerful can be this band, being guest of the Mexican band TRANSMETAL.

In march 18 of 2007 Mutilation disappears, this space is left for all the friends and the followers of this band, THANK YOU for support us...

---The Mutilation Continues---


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