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Hi there,

I explain a little about my situation. I am a violinist and I have some experience in recordings (rather being recorded, which has given me some experience especially in editing) but I do not have much experience as far as recording equipment is concerned, now I only have a Zoom H6 and a couple of mics Studio Projects C4 with which I usually record some concerts.

I would like to invest and start recording my group (violin, cello and harpsichord, and get the best results as possible.

I expose my idea (sorry if I say many stupid things!!!)

Use the Studio Project C4 that I already have as a room mic (I could also invest later in adding a couple more)
Invest in 3 mic for each instrument, here I accept suggestions ... many have recommended me large diaphragm for violin, other ribbon, what will be better for the key? ... there is so much to choose !!
Invest in an interface like MOTU 8 Pre USB or similar and connect it to the computer, here I am in doubt if in the long run it would not be better to invest in a good preamp separately ...

What do you recommend me with a budget of more or less 4000 euros? Any advice will be more than welcome.

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1 septiembre 2017 04:48